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Whoo! I passed the 5000 mark last night, I was a bit worried, because I only got about 500 words on friday, bringing my total then to about 2700. I just got in the zone I guess last night, and wrote till about 1:20 or so.

Friday night we went to Monster’s Inc with Ace and Jess It was sooo good. I’d had a tough couple days at work, and this movie wiped all the frustration away. It was genuinly fun, and creative, and the graphics were astounding. The trailers in no way do this movie justice. GO SEE IT!

Saturday we went over to Jaz’s to game, took us a while to get started, because my husband was supposed to run the game, but he’s been sick and has practically lost his voice. That’s no good for a GM. We all had a relaxing afternoon, talking about gaming, and dynamics and what we like in a good role playing game. We took a trip to westfield comics, where I picked up three more Gloomcookie comics, and the first I feel sick comic, which has a really cute style, and had me giggling quite a bit.

We did get to play a fun pick up V&V game, courtesy of Tony and the group worked really well together, plus Jon as Thorn was soo in the groove! It was a lot of fun.

And then, well, I came home and wrote lots! yah! I made the minimum for yesterday night, (min was 5001) though I wanted to be at 6000, that’s ok though, that means I only have to play makeup with 1000 words today, plus, the 2000 I want to write today.

And I’ll be meeting with other Wrimos at JT Whitneys today around 3 or so, so that should be fun, and perhaps I’ll get a bit more written, in good company, woo!

I feel so accomplished! Plus, I’ve decided I’m going to do crunches every night this month, I’ve done that before, years ago, and I know I start to see a difference even after 2 weeks! I figure, I can spend 2 hours writing a day, >10min of crunches will not kill me. Plus, I’ve done them so far every day this month. It’s so nice to wake up everyday with a little bit more accomplished. Makes me feel like the evenings weren’t wasted or anything!

My main character met Bringwel the bear last night, so did I.

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