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Even I can survive a 3 day week


Wow, the weekend went so fast, just whooshed right by.

Lesse, we played lotsa Xbox, had a good number of people over to fight and race. We did some light cleaning, and bought new cleaning supplies. Am I the only one who thinks new cleaning supplies are fun? Not so much fun after they are not new anymore, but we got to put new hockey pucks of bleach in our toilets, and for some insane reason, that made me happy, well that and having both bathrooms be clean at the same time.

On Sunday I got to see Harry potter, Nancy was in town, and we caught the matinee, which was fun, not as good as the book, but very true, and! I finally met Zara! yah, even though we couldn’t connect until after the movie was over. We’ll have to have her and Nate over for some good clean xbox’n fun.

I am having trouble breathing, seems I’ve been ambushed by a cold. bleh, and work has slowed considerable, pushing the launch of the redesign off to an unknown date. I wonder if I’m destined to be thwarted at trying to launch the site, eternally.

oooh, sleepies would be nice right now, curled up in bed with all my pillows. Whew, do I have writing to do, practically all of last week was a bust, writing wise, but, I figured out last night that If I do about 3000 a day, I can still make goal by the 30th, barring any further distractions. I will finish this challenge…

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