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My husband picked up Blinx: The Timesweeper for me last night.
Apparently a great deal after my 25$ certificate from my birthday and trading in max payne and azurik. Something like 2 or 3 dollars, nice!

It’s a really interesting game, not really a straight platformer, and that makes you think. Sure, there is some jumping, dodging and shooting, but those time elements really mix things up. Have to be careful where you step or you might pick up the wrong time crystal, and you have to think about areas that might need special attention time wise, rewind, or pause might be the only way to get to that special cat icon.

The graphics are beautiful, especially once you get to the third set of levels in the caves, with shimmery lighting bouncing off of the walls and all items. I’m not sure if its the graphics alone or the combination with music, but the game seems very japanese.

I also really like the water effects, especially when you can pause and you go through it like jello, leaving a cat sized track, and when your pause runs out, the water rushes back to normal making big waves from the peaks. Very cool.

I don’t quite understand why the current time sweeper I have is an improvement over the previous one, but at least I have plenty of places to go back to to gather more gold.

Bonus tip: Try to keep some trash for the goal, you get trade in gold. Some items are better than others, the question mark balls can fetch at least 100g while most random trash is 1g-60g.

Overall though, I’m happy with the game, it’s nice to have something completely different to play.

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