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Let me tell you what is really scary! The box village in our basement.

Last night was the LAST NIGHT of moving, we were up past one in the morning but its all moved, it’s all done. And clean. Husband going over for a bit more vacuuming today, but today, at noon, we sever ties with the old apartment, Yahoo! My mother in law is amazing, spent her whole night finishing cleaning out our kitchen, while I scoured the bathrooms.

Now the terror is trying to make things semi-presentable for tomorrow night, our Haloween Party.

Holy cow. I’m tired.

People don’t really dress up for Halloween here at work. I’d have worn a wig or something, if I could have found anything this morning. I am wearing pumpkin earrings. Honestly, I’m so tired, I don’t know how much more I could have pulled together for today. Still, kinda sadlike about not having something fun to wear to work. Surprising lack of general candyness too, though that’s prolly best for me. There will be more than enough goodies tomorrow night.

Must get the brain ready for tomorrow.


I ordered my Xbox LIVE beta kit this morning before work, by next week, wheee, I’ll be online with mah Xbox! Here is my tracking number, if you want to play along!

Also, speaking of following along, I added several may and june entries from private hidden place back into Questing. Many of them dealt with interviews and such, so they weren’t posted here during that whole find a job process.

Busy weekend planned, Haloween party friday, Lunch and football on the tell with mother in law on saturday, Kung fu party saturday night woo, and Nanowrimo Madison Kick off party on Sunday. There are over 9500 people doing nanowrimo this year, crazy, can we break the 10k? that would double last year’s participants and be crazy. Today is your last day to sign up, so GO! DO! Write!

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