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Xbox Live


Xbox live is soo cool, I tracked my package around all day, and it arrived shortly after I got home last night. After a fiasco of trying to figure out why our cable modem only seems to work downstairs, we hooked the whole mess together downstairs.

The signon was pretty painless, the worst part was putting in billing info for any premium downloadable content I may want to buy in the future. And then, woo, I was online, with my xbox. The voice communicator/headset is very cool. I was talking with people from Georgia, Chicago, Arizona, all over. The whacked demo is more fun than I thought it’d be, and the MotoGP demo is awesome. We have the full game so I can choose all the tracks to play on. (Except the 2 I haven’t unlocked yet). Both games are much more fun when people talk, laugh, apologize and generally have a good time. Full 16 people for the races is amazing, people crashing all over the place, in the race you get to talk to people in front and behind you, and the person you crashed into. If you just can’t catch up/overcome a racer, you’ve got a chat buddy for the race. 😉 I fell in with a good crew for several races and added some people to my friends list. Very cool stuff.

The games where people aren’t talking aren’t as much fun. Especially if you occasionally hear them breathing, and they won’t respond to your questions. Only ran into one jerk who wouldn’t stop talking, and being annoying, but the other 3 people in the whacked game ganged up on him, threatening to report him for poor conduct, and he logged out of our game.

wheee! very cool. This is just going to be an amazing service.

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