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Mothers are Amazing


Before this weekend begins, I want to recount how awesome last weekend was!

Friday night was leo-list book reading and Buffy over at the Smuga-Otto’s’s, which is always a treat, full of tea, laughter and geekiness. We watched the Christmas episode with Angel and the First. Good ‘homework’ for the current season. And then since they still had their Christmas tree up, we set up the camera for a ‘family picture’ heh, so fun.

Saturday was so amazing. Remember last weekend, my Mother in Law came by to help us set up our new hutch?! Well this weekend, my Mother came by to help me organize my kitchen, and work on putting our new place to rights.

She came by about 10:30, and we wrote down a list of some organizing things we’d need, like laundry baskets, more kitchen cloths, little shelves for the cupboards, and then ran to Wal-Mart to get all of those, plus some pillows and a bedspread for the guest room downstairs.

Then we came back and unpacked all the dishes and pots and glasses that had been sitting under our long table up against the kitchen bar, about 8 boxes containing pans and plastic containers and all sorts of things that my husband and I hadn’t figured out where to put. My mother marveled at all the space we had in the kitchen, and had so many great ideas of where things should logically go. It’s still tough with only one drawer(which the silverware occupies), but with her help and advice we found places for pretty much everything. And I kept going downstairs for some more kitcheny things. Wow! A fully organized kitchen!

Somewhere in here, Carlo brought us some Quizno’s subs (yummy) and we sat down for some soda, salt and vinegar chips and chatted about what was needed for the basement. Then my husband got a call that the Mopar club he is president of was having their party that night, and not next week like he’d thought. So we went into cleaning mode, and finished cleaning the kitchen, I cleaned the bathroom, and my mother, bless her, cleaned our floors in the kitchen and bathroom, while my husband vacuumed.

Then, while the Mopar people came over, we retreated to the basement, to work on the guest room, laundry room, and the main room full of many boxes from our move.

We made the bed with a burgundy bedspread, put pillowcases on the new pillows we bought earlier that day, and set up the cute little side lamp table we still need to make a cover for. It almost looks like a proper guest room now. I put in an alarm clock, and plugged in a phone.

I organized the laundry room with the new baskets, (laundry clean and dirty was everywhere, we had moved it from the main room to the laundry clean and dirty-so hard to tell after a big move), and my mom poked through our boxes.

Finally, wow, after about 9 hours of work, (fun work), we stopped, sore and happy with so much accomplished. We didn’t clear the basement of boxes, but we did manage to clear the area in front of the steps (visible from the front door), so it doesn’t look like a garage sale from the door anymore. Without going downstairs you’d just see the blue couch and a lamp, with the big brass candlestick holders behind on the little ledge that runs the perimeter of our basement.

We grabbed some trays and ate good sandwich meat sandwiches downstairs on folding chairs, while we shivered. (Our fireplace downstairs doesn’t work, the pilot is lit, but it doesn’t ignite) Then I showed my mom Dance Dance Revolution on our new PS1(got a certificate from work for Sears for Christmas, ps1’s are cheap now!), even though my legs and feet were terribly sore. She thought it looked like fun.

It was a lot of work, but wow, makes you feel like you really made your weekend count.
Sunday Chris brought over his GameCube and wavebird, to sell to us for the price of a couple games he’d been wanting. We had snagged a used copy of Animal Crossing at Blockbuster, and he stayed to watch me set up and giggle over Tom Nook’s wiggly nose.


And I played that most of the day. The Wavebird rocks. It’s soo cute, snow everywhere, lots of silly animals, and lots to do. I managed to pay off my first debt to Nook before Carlo came home, and Jaz and Eric showed up for some gaming.

Before the game Jaz and I played a bit of MonkeyBall2, which looks like more fun than the first, even if it makes me a tad seasick for the normal levels, lots of sense of depth and speed. Also popped in Resident Evil, looks very nice, though the stutter in loading the cinema’s is very annoying. (I can tell you though, for the most part, AC hasn’t left the cube since I got it)

The game went long, but was fun, as Eric, Jaz and I (plus npcs) defeated not only the zombies, but also many swamp bandits riding huge wasps. I think I need to drop this wand of magic missile though, powerful yes, cramping my rogue’s style though.

Went to bed happy, got lots accomplished for the whole weekend, and now I can find things in my kitchen, yah!

Whew! no wonder it took me all week to get this written.

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