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Last night Carlo Doug and I went to Pegasus games. Doug bought some more GeneStealers and I picked up a can of primer for my Sisters of Battle I got last weekend.

Then we grabbed some wonderful Fajita Ranchera’s from Qdoba’s and headed home for a triumphant Space Hulk game. Doug and I were the Marines, and my husband played the GeneStealers(aliens).

Riding home in the back seat of Doug’s car, eating my lime sprayed tortilla chips, I had one of those wonderful relaxing moments where I just was. It was really nice, relaxed, munchin on my favorite chips, ready to get home to where Carlo had already set up the board to play.

The game was fantastic. We lost Doug’s powersword Sgt, and my lightning claw, and 3 marines, but overall we were successful. I regret losing Frank, who held off many many of the brood from a key entry point, perhaps as more than 12, and made it possible for most everyone to get back to the space shuttle. Also a valiant loss was Ty, who held the line right in front of the shuttle, falling to the brood while keeping the rest of the crew safe to exit.

The game was a bit hard on the GeneStealers, I kept rolling sixes all over the place.

>for those not in the know< Space Hulk is a like a board game, your pieces are painted miniatures, some plastic, some pewter. Space Hulk itself plays a lot like the movie Aliens, with lots of creepy aliens lurking about, and a small crew of marines on a playing board made up of little cardboard pieces that interlock like a puzzle, but can be connected in lots of different configurations so you can keep the game fresh and new. Sisters of Battle are Warhammer 40k miniatures, something like battle nuns, but they don’t make female space marines… Warhammer often employees whole armies of miniatures, and measuring distances and such. Space Hulk is a simpler game than 40k, but still a whole lot of fun. So, once I get them primed and painted, I’ll be able to use them instead of the marines. They are a bit intricate, I hope I can paint them well. We modified the gun jamming rule for overwatch, which used to state that you roll two 6 sided dice for a gun, a 6 kills a genestealer, and doubles of anything will jam your gun, though double 6’s will kill the creature and jam your gun. We changed that to jamming just on double 1’s. It’s a lot of fun this way, less annoying jamming, more shooting. It’s not like there are a lack of genestealers, they just keep coming, 1-6 randomly each turn at one entry point. Anyhoo, the game finished just before 1:00. whew!

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