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Three day weekends bring out the geek in me.


Memorial Day weekend was nice and relaxing, I got some time to play .hack on our PS2, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I also got a lot of time to spend on Phantasy Star Online, and then we had a great DnD 3rd edition game Sunday Afternoon. Funny though, after the game, which ended at 12:40(playing so late is so indulgent!), my husband and I stayed up till 4:30am. I was keeping him company while he tallied experience and rolled for the super huge treasure cache we had discovered.

I got up Memorial day about 10am, and played PSO and did a load of laundry until we had to head over to Mom’s for a cookout. And OH! What great food. I just about snacked myself to death. And then had half a brat/ half an Italian sausage, and two yummy grilled hot-dogs. We’ve been eating so much Boca products lately, it was almost funny to have so much real meat. We also shredded a bunch of old documents and mail (some of them 3+ years old) and scanned the picture of Khaira I drew on Sunday.

Tuesday night, my husband and I went over to Tammy’s to work on her character for our new girly-gaming game, which will start next Tuesday, and incorporate my tiefling Mohna, with Tammy’s Rashamen Wizard, and a halfling fighter for Tammy’s friend Liz (who has never played before). I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. My last girly-gaming group kinda lost the other women, due things like boot-camp, moving , lack of interest. The game continued though, and is our current Sunday afternoon game with Vole. So that’s neat, I’ve been playing with my Gnomish Rogue for about a year now.

Anyway, Tammy made these awesome enchiladas, and salad, and we had yummy strawberries and angel food for desert. She has this kick butt loft apartment too, with a super high ceiling and tall windows in the front area. She showed off her Xena game cards, and picked some music out she thought I’d like. It was sweet of her to drop by my web page to see what I’m into. Very cool.

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