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Girly Gaming, Take 2


Well, been sick on and off this week, which is just no fun. But at least allowed me to work from home a bit yesterday.

Was feeling better, and got to hook up with Tammy and Liz for our new Girly Gaming group. Woo! I think we’re really going to have an awesome time. This is Liz’s first role-playing game ever, and she’s doing awesome! She’s playing a halfling fighter, and is totally getting into it. Tammy is playing a Rashemi Wizard, and I’ve mentioned Mohna, my tiefling rogue/assassin before. Liz is working on her PhD here in town, studying some radical rhetoric. Also, Tammy had us over again for dinner, which was quite yummy, that girl can cook! Ok, sentences fragmenting, must add more exclamation marks… Yah! Girly Gaming!

Changing hosts for . Heidi suggested HasWeb. They’re cheap, have lots of options, and a cool feature called ‘fantastico’, come on, how can you not love a service that offers ‘fantastico’! It’s actually a feature that has a lot options to install other cool free php programs like b2, or pmachine, ect, with the minimum of fuss. Very nice.

Although, figuring out just what’s going on with my stableful of domain names has not been fun. Sometime between last fall and now, my account with godaddy has split in a strange fashion, giving me two accounts, and not letting me log in, or see important domains like Ack!

I wanna call them and get things figured out, they were supposed to merge the account yesterday, but, no such luck/time.

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