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PSO Wings!


ooh, I hadn’t played Xbox in about 2 weeks, but heard there were new mech assault maps out, so I plugged in the box, d/l’d the maps and noodled around.

But, then I got an invite to go play Phantasy Star Online with Strider Jin, and I’m so glad I accepted.

Strider gave me some really cool weapons and slot items, and then, before he had to go, he gave me some new mags, one that looks like a master system, and one that looks like Devil Wings!

They’re so cute, they float behind my character, and flutter! I need to get a screenshot, but they’re sooo cool. I even spent the 10,000 meseta to change my outfit and color my hair to match better, so now I’m all purply, with purple pink wings, and

ok, ok, I’m a geek, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to have cute devil wings in PSO.

After Jin left, I randomly joined a game, and there were 2 people with angel wings and one with a tail mag, what an adventuring group we were!


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