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Long String of Happy Days


This weekend was lovely. Friday night book reading was small, but intimate, and relaxing, over at Andy’s place.

Saturday, I played lots of Zelda: Wind Waker, and I’m sadly getting close to the end. There was a point where I was afraid it would end too early, before I finished exploring and playing, but things kept moving. The game just continues to be entertaining. And so pleasant to play with the wavebird, in the bedroom, where I can snuggle down in my blankets and be comfortable, and not shoved in the corner of the office.

We also did some Comic Stuff on Saturday, which was fun. We got a good deal done with page 4, I finished my clean up of the panels, and Kim did the initial lettering and panel boxes. It’s soo much fun to see things come together. I’m sure I’m going to finish page 4 tonight, and Art night is at our place! Carlo came with me to K&M’s house too, where the kitties molested him, and I overheard him talking about scripts and Indesign from where I was chained to the computer.

Sunday was sweet and relaxing. More Zelda, mostly due to some crossed wires, as we thought we were doing brunch with the Father in Law, but couldn’t get a hold of him. It was nice to laze around though, I was busy with the little green capped hero, while my husband was in the other room rolling more hours into our Xbox copy of Morrowind.

Then later, Cafe und Kuken with Andy, Mike and the usual suspects. Eating lovely strudels and chocolates, and coffee with daubs of real hand whipped cream, while we looked at Andy and Mike’s photos from their Austria trip. Looks like their trip was amazing. I had to leave too soon, but left at the right time, with a large sugar buzz, to get home in time for some Gaming with the Dalelands Crew.

Life, she is good.

Things I wish today’s paycheck could go to
Endless Nights
Dancing Barefoot
Lion King DVD
Copic Markers
Comics and Manga
Fall Clothes

Things today’s paycheck will go to.


But soon, soon soon… It will be time for toys, when paychecks hit.

And I’m happy without those things too, which is a good place to be.

And, I’ve lost a total of 8lbs since I started eating better, and that feels marvelous.
If I get out for a couple walks I bet I can make 10lbs lost by next week.

(We all gotta start considering costumes for Haloween, after all.)

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