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Open Studios’ Romp


Can’t I tell you, before I forget, about my weekend?
Friday night I stayed home, played Zelda, and went to bed early.

Saturday: I got up, and headed downtowne to give an interview to the Daily Cardinal, a local student paper, about NaNoWriMo. The interviewer was really nice, her name was Jennifer, and she’s going to try to write a novel this year also. I almost talked my self hoarse from about 12:15 to 1:45. Funny though, before she arrived, I drank half a Mocha, and was talking a bit fast. It’s so much fun to be excited about things. I am excited about Nanowrimo this year. This is truly the year I walk away with a novel. Truly.

Near the end of the interview Kim and Maciek appeared, as I had mentioned to them where I’d be. I sat down for some bean chili and a Key Lime drink. They mentioned that it was the weekend for Open Studios, all over town. I only had time to check out the Thorn’s Home Studio across from Ground Zero with them, before I had to head home to connect with the husband and friends to go see a movie.

We(hubby, Dennis, Doug) checked out School of Rock, with Jack Black, and it’s truly a pleasure to watch. Just a fun, funny movie, not too deep, but enjoyable. Worth the money, yah! Then just an evening of hanging out, and more Zelda.

Sunday: I got up early to head back over to the smuga-otto’s house so we could eat breakfast at Sophia’s before the morning rush. We had yummy food, mmm boysenberry cottage cheese pancakes. Then we spent the day visiting more Artist homes and studios. It was so inspiring. We met so many very cool local artists and got to see their art, how they laid things out. I met a cool lady who teaches private painting lessons, which Maciek and I think we are going to do. We also met a political cartoonist for the Isthmus, who showed us how he works with the copy machine and the waxer, as well as how he’s branching into collage and sculpture. Many of the artists were more than willing to talk to us about their art and procedures.

We met many cats(one from Paris, and one from Capetown), and some dogs, and got to enter into some of the coolest old houses, some of them right on the lake. We also dropped in on our Life Drawing Teacher from last spring in his new studio, and on his recommendation, one of his painting friends.

We did this till about 2:30 I think, when we crashed back at the house, and while we had wanted to do art stuff, we found ourselves all a bit exhausted physically and mentally from all the stimuli, and sat back and watched 3 episodes of Ceres no Destiny I hadn’t seen yet.

I wandered home around 4, really tired, and basically hung out on the couch watching the WB’s big Sunday, which included the first episode of Smallville, and an all new series of Tarzan. Stupid WB, pegging my demographic. heh. I drew a neat portrait of Red Riding Hood, which I haven’t touched since Sunday night, but I’m pleased with how it’s going.

Whew. It’s important to write these things down before they just disappear into my olio of memories.

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