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Information about my novel!


Some General Statistics That Might Be Of Interest
Title: Shroud
Single Spaced Pages: 98
Double Spaced Pages: 196
Total Words Written So Far: 50,192
Total Hours Spent Writing: 64.13

Avg Words Written Per Day: 1673
Avg Hours Writing Per Day: 2.14
Avg Words Per Hour: 783
Avg Morale Per Day : 7(scale 1-10)
My novel is one of : 3680 Nanowrimo novels
Day I wrote the most words: Saturday the 29th (4697)
(I broke this into two sessions of ~2000 each. 2000 before noon 2000 at Cool Beans, and the last 500 at home. )
Days I wrote the least words: 6th, 7th, 8th, (0,0,0)
(Though I did write some on paper, I just added them all together on the 9th)

I achieved 50k on the 29th, though much remains to be written, as well as edited and reworked.

Saturday night I woke up about three times, feeling anxiety over the fact that I needed to ‘finish’ and what was I doing sleeping. (Even though, of course, I had finished for Nanowrimo, though didn’t have time to validate until Sunday morning)

Even after spending a month with these characters and the story, I still feel good about it, so I’m hoping that means I’ve got a solid start.

This is the year I wrote my novel.

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