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Oh. I had such a nice night last night. I came home and played a bit of Kya: Dark Lineage on the PS2, which is a cute game, similar to Jax and Daxter, with beautiful Rayman like style, lots of color and swirlies and glowies. Then I headed over to Ray’s for Studio Anti-Thesis Art night.

When I got there, I thought I was the first to arrive, and I was, kinda. Ray had the iSight set up on his new g5 computer and was using it to talk to Maciek who is currently in Hong Kong! way cool! It was nice to see him and be silly on the iSight and hear about his traveling adventures over there, he also sent some really awesome pictures of the cityscape and some Hong Kong Markets. That was very cool.

Also, I got to get back to drawing on the manga that Kim and I are making, and I got two whole panels done! That only leaves two more for page 5! I was a bit frustrated at first that one was taking too long, but I really cleaned it up nice, and I’ve quite happy with the result. The last four Tuesdays I’ve been writing during art nice, so this was a very nice change. I really want to finish up at least all the drawing for page 5 this week. That would feel very nice.

It was really quiet without Maciek. *giggle* That’s what everyone apparently says about me when I’m absent. We are two chatterboxes in truth.

I got home pretty late, but I was flying from being all artz and productive again. Very excited to continue the comic. Also page 4, which is online now, and page 5, which I’m working on now, are really the best pages I’ve done for the comic. I can’t wait to get this one up and online too.

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