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I had a great weekend


Friday: Book reading over at Andy’s, we polished off a whole Kage Baker Company Short story. It was a really good one, and I finished the pencils for the final two panels I needed for page five of Tabloid Roulette.

Saturday: Up early, cookie faire with my Mom, and then we hit the Michael’s craft store on the east side, getting crafty stuff for gifts, but we ran out of time to make the crafts, after realizing we were missing some things.
Then we had the Nanowrimo wrap-up party, where we saw many nano winners! (and some who will finish their ass-kickery soon!) It was so cool to talk with each other about the things we worked on and it was nice to touch base with people that I miss seeing every Wednesday night for writing. I still have lots to put into my novel, but I’ve made a good start, and have lots of framework to start with.
After that I joined Kim to scan and spend some time chatting about comics and cleaning up the page to get it ready for shading. I gave Kim her Christmas Gift, a cute mason jar of friendship tea, with a cute little spoon with a teapot on the end, and some lotion.

Sunday: Up early again, Manga Girls morning out! Joined Kim and Elly at Sofia’s mmmm, I had eggnog cherry crepes! So yummy! Then after a bit of window shopping (too early for the shops to open) we went back to talk about manga, how thoughts vs spoken word bubbles should be shaped and more cleaning and some toning tests. Then we left so Kim could fetch her hubby from the airport.


Tuesday: Art night last night was awesome! Maciek is back from Hong Kong and showed us lots of pictures! And I finished all the toning/shading for page 5, and Kim had it all lettered. It’ll go live this Saturday! yah! Feels so nice to get back to the manga now. It just took me one night to do the shading! I feel really good about page 5, the panels do some storytelling, you can tell what’s going on with the action. feels very nice.

We had some rousing choruses of Bob! Bob!, and then K&M gave me my Christmas gift! OH MY!!! So Cool! They gave me the Mattel Barbie Catwoman! And it’s such a nice toy, very cool details, a whip, pretty costume, and just awesome! I can’t help that I’m a Catwoman nut, but I’m glad my friends remember and indulge me. Thanks!

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