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Please Pray for my Dad


Listen, I promise to update you about all my holiday adventures, but I really really need you to pray for my father.

He’s been sick since October, really sick, and has lost lots and lots of weight, which is good, but not a good way to do it. He really can’t eat anything solid, and is generally miserable, and the worst thing is, the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with him. He hasn’t worked for the last 6 or 7 weeks, and one can only survive on yogurt and sherbet for so long.

Last week he went in for x-rays, and while nothing seemed to stand out, even to him(he used to be an x-ray tech), he’s still been sick. Yesterday or today he went in and they took a biopsy.

They are throwing around scary words like lymphoma. If the test comes back that is it, he starts treatment on Friday, if it’s negative, then they still don’t know what’s wrong and he goes into the hospital on Monday. We hope to get the test back tommorrow. sigh.

This is my Daddy, and he’s wasting away, and I’m worried and scared.

Please, please pray for him and my mother.

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