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More News on Dad


I spent most of the weekend in the hospital. My uncles were around, and my mom, and my husband even came to the hospital to see how my father was doing. I finished two books this weekend, and did some sketching in thevisiting room, and all the hours seemed to run together.

Dad was up a good deal of the time, joking with his nurses and doctors, and us. His color is much much better than it was Christmas day, when he could hardly sit and open gifts with us.

I did get to do a bit of gaming, finally reached Vole’s shadow dancer prestige class. It was nice to escape for a while

The doctors pushed the test on my dad.s cancer through, and they just got the results. Looks like it’s in stage 3. There are only 4 stages. Stage four is the really bad one, but stage 3 is not good at all. They are finding that the cancer came from the muscle or something. I really don’t understand the details.

But the good news is that he is getting discharged today, and will be able to meet with the new surgeon and an oncologist this week. He’s up andwalking around, and feeling loads better than he has in weeks.

He meets with a surgeon and an oncologist this week. Treatments to start soon.

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