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Direct deposit has lost my paycheck. 😛

Dad is going to see a panel of doctors and surgeons next week, apparently his case is unusual, and they want to know why.

My father’s enemy is signet ring cancer.

I had sushi last night, and it was yummy. believe it or not, sushi is a comfort food to me. I might have more comfort food tonight, either qdoba’s or noodles mac and cheese with tofu.

I am very happy that Please Save My Earth is out in translated manga. I had thought I might never seen the actual manga pages, and PSME has long been one of my favorite series.

Tonight, I believe, my husband is taking me to a movie. I’m aiming for Big Fish, or Something’s gotta give.

Most of Studio Antithesis is away, and I miss them. It will be nice to see them next week.

I finally beat the hard battle near the start of the Prince of Persia game, last night. Which made me feel good. I beat Syberia shortly after Christmas, with enough interest to play the sequel I guess. The Longest Journey was so much better though.

Frank was in town around New Years. We went to Monty’s Blue plate, and bowling with Adam. Felt like old times. We all used to work together at Sonic Foundry.

Sorry for the odd, unconnected ramblings, been missing recording all sorts of things due to these emergencies.

Went over to Mom and Dad’s the day he was discharged, to eat dinner some friends had brought by, and watch ‘Senseless’, which made my father laugh so much it hurt. He’s feeling so much better than he has these last few weeks. That’s a good thing.

The stress of this is not doing good things to my body. I need to exercise more and release those endorphins.

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