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Productive Weekend


With the internet and cable out, we spent most of the weekend watching DVD’s from blockbuster and cleaning the house.
We watched Spirited Away, The Cuckoo (Russian Film with English subtitles), The Sea is Watching (Kurosawa’s last film, about Geisha’s), The Legend of Ron Jeremy (Which was actually kinda depressing).

I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, even the tub, did a bit of laundry, and unloaded the dishwasher twice. My husband, brave soul, cleaned the refrigerator out and washed all the dishes that didn’t fit in the last load of the dishwasher.

I crock-potted twice on Sunday, a chicken dish that was pretty bland, and a dessert that kicked butt. I plan on making the hot fudge crock pot cake again. mmm.

Friday night I spent several hours working on the process of getting my mom set up with a new webhost. We have to take into account all sorts of things like add on domains, and making sure the biz email doesn’t get too lost in the process. I’ll have to finish that up this week.

Mom cooked dinner on Friday, yummy shrimp and pasta. In a strange unhappy dissonance, my father read his dire medical records while we ate.

Mom is worried that I am depressed. I am worried that I can’t emphatically deny that allegation. I’ve felt sad all last week, and this morning, (like close to tears sad), and I am often irritable. It’s possible I need more sleep/exercise, ect, but not fun, either which way.

I’ve really been digging into Joan Druett’s novel She Captains, and it’s really really fascinating. Lots of historical cited info on all sorts of hellions and heroines, and great inspirational fodder on life at sea for women. Very very cool. (No, not all of them are valorous, some are downright evil, but it’s still really intriguing, plus… educational)

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