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Dad’s Surgery Update


My father’s surgery went very well. It was a long and difficult surgery (5 hours) according to the soft spoken surgeon who came to talk to us, but he sounded very optimistic about the outcome. The tumor was very large, and most likely took a couple years to grow to that size. The radiation seemed to do a very good job, most of what they had to work with was scarring due to the radiation, and they didn’t see any signs of metastases. (translation: It didn’t look like the cancer had spread.) He said the margins looked clear and that they sent the specimen (most of the stuff from the colon on down) to pathology where they will be testing it to learn more about the tumor and also see if any of the margins(edges) actually were infected, and if it’s likely or not if he has cancer elsewhere nearby. But from what we know, it looks like they got all of it.

We finally got to see him about 8:30 at night, and he seemed tired, but lucid, and not in pain. (epidural, morphine on demand.) The hospital rooms at the university have been revamped since the last time I was visiting someone there. The room is private, and looks more like a tiny hotel room, wood floors, actual wallpaper, his own TV. He’ll be at the hospital for about a week.

So, it was a good day yesterday. Emotionally stressful, but good. I got to spend the day with my family. Mom, Brother, Uncle Jim, Grandma, and Grandpa, and a family friend, Steve was also there to keep us company. Mom, BJ, Grandma and I played several hands of Hearts with the cards on loan from the surgery waiting area desk. (Can you believe someone had actually marked the Queen of Spades?) Somehow my brother only got about 16 points in roughly 7 hands. How did he do that? It was a good distraction though. Spending the day at a hospital is always strange, the hours run together. We were at the hospital from around 8am to 9:30pm.

I did get to call on Heather which was a nice change too. It was nice to see a friendly face in the strange maze that is the University Hospital.

Things should get better from now out. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It was really nice to read the little notes you left me.

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