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Heading back up to the hospital


I fell asleep last night on a little cot wedged into the corner of my father’s hospital room. My mother had gone home around 10:30pm to pick somethings up and perhaps nap. She woke me at 1:30pm, so I could go home and catch a few zzz’s before work.

When I called her this morning, I learned a few things. After I left my dad developed a fever, which is indicative of infection. Infection is really not a good thing so soon after a major surgery, once they figure out what kind it is, they’ll put him on the apropriate anti-biotics.

They are having trouble keeping his blood sugar up, and have him on some sort of glucose drip. Apparently the jerking of his limbs is due to low blood sugar. When he is awake, he’s in a good deal of pain, 8-9 on a scale of 10.

The doctors were supposed to confer sometime this afternoon.

I’m heading up to help my mom, and be with my dad.

Talk later.

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