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Late night at the hospital


Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes.

When I made it down to the hospital, he was still in the emergency center, getting an ultrasound, but shortly after I arrived they moved him up to the 6th floor to a temporary room.

He was in pretty rough shape, his blood sugar was really low, around 46 when the admitted him. (My father is diabetic, and usually his sugar is between 90-120) Also, he was experiencing kidney disfunction, and was shaking pretty much all night. (more like invouluntary jerks.) Early in the afternoon, he was hunched over in pain (back-kidneys?) and not making much sense (low sugar?), and throwing up. He was not a happy camper.

I was there till 1:30, but was able to nap a bit on a cot they brought in for my mom and wedged in the corner. They were feeding him lots and lots of sugar juices like orange and cranberry and apple, trying to get his levels up, and the last time they checked it seemed like he was near 100, which is much better.

Watching him fall in and out of sleep was heart wrenching, because even when dozing, his face would reflect the pain he feels, and emote like a baby’s does in sleep, making worried eyebrows, and pursed lips. When he was awake, he was lucid enough to have short conversations before he’d doze off again. Not sure why he kept falling asleep like that.

He seemed to be sleeping well when Mom came back to the hospital to spend the rest of the night by his side.

This is hard to take, he apparently had a really great weekend painwise, and was up and around and feeling the best he has in two weeks.

Mom will likely call me sometime this morning with more info.

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