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A little Clarity, please


He seemed a lot clearer yesterday afternoon. They think that his rapid weightloss and the removal of the cancer has drastically changed the amount of diabetic medicine he may need, they are working on figuring out just where he needs to be for that. His electrolytes are also off, which is causing his arms and legs to ache.

He had an MRI last night, seems that there is some sort of infection, and they will likely do a small operation tommorrow to try to remove the bad stuff. He’s still in a good deal of pain, apparently the pain team has been called several times since 9 this morning, but hasn’t shown up yet to figure out what drugs he can have.

I’m going up there again tonight for a bit. Mom seems exhausted.

Dropped by K&M’s last night, and we talked Studio stuff till about 11! It was fun, but I was still tired from the last couple nights, heh. I’m going to try to hit the pillow earlier tonight.

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