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Great week so far


We had a fantastic work night on Monday for our Writing Group. I actually wrote. Really! We all have chosen goals to acomplish between solstices. Mine is to write and polish two short stories. It’s lovely to be writing.

The w0rd-vixens, belleweather, Kim, Heather, and I had lots to chat about; plots and designs, murders and missions, music and madness. (We also had a Gr4mm3r-Fox, Ray, Show up later)

I’ve decided to work with asking casual motivation questions to help fill in the holes of things I’m working on.

Last night, my husband and I met two people, Jason and Stephanie, who tracked me down via the internet, and my Halo tendencies, we sat and chatted, and then played some Halo. They are very nice, and good at Halo. We look forward to seeing them again.

Our A/C is fixed. All hail the cool air that gives life and meaning to our domicile. I think I am sleeping better now that we’re not sleeping on the floor in the basement. I am also feeling less stress this week, which is lovely. This also means I can finally hold art night over at our place tonight! woo.

This weekend is our anniversary. We’re going to spend the day and night in Milwaukee. I’ve booked a room at a B&B near the down town area, The Acanthus, and we plan on wandering about the Milwaukee Museum for the day. I’ve never been there, and am thrilled. We once took a trip to the Chicago Museum. That’s a fond memory. I can’t wait to make more. I’ve never stayed at a B&B, and am very thrilled. Yay! some time for just us!

Sunday we’ll likely share a dinner with my parents, and grandparents at Porta Bella, whom we share an anniversary with. (4 generations, 3 still living) My mother and law and her husband may join us as well. It’s becoming a tradition.

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