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Here and Gone?


Just got back from up north. We spent the 4th up at my husband’s uncle’s cabin on a lake. It was nice, but rainy, we spent most of the time eating and role playing with his male cousins. Villans and Vigilantes is fun. Our friend Ana came down from the cities and hung out with us. My mother-in-law had bought a RV type thing (we use them for extra bunk space up at the lake), and it was nice, even had air conditioning. We scooted all the gaming things out there to be out of the way of the adults. (Though they still kept interupting us quite often.) It’s always lovely to hang out with my husband’s family. It was also nice to see Ana, she’s a kick and a half. Everyone liked her.

On our way back, we decided to try to avoid the Dells, traffic sometimes comes to a standstill around holiday weekends. We ended up driving towards Wausau, where Carlo had to work on Tuesday. We decided just to stay in Wausau, so he could set up and teach there. It worked out ok, I got some work done remotely, and he ran his class, but we just got in last night around 6:30.

Tonight around 6:30, we circle the caravan for a trip out west to Colorado. Long car ride, but we’ll be hanging with the people who came to our last big party. More of the same will ensue: Lots of Halo, lots of booze, lots of laughter, most likely a good deal of Mario Cart. Perhaps we might see some sights in Colorado. Who knows. Will return Monday.

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