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Weekend, lah


Had a nice relaxing weekend. Finally got over a stupid cold I’d had since I got home from Anime Iowa, and was feeling up to doing things again! Yah! Moving, drawing, movies!

Friday we picked up some viddy games, Star Wars Battlefront for him, Demon Stone for me. (Demon stone is only ok, way too short. Forgotten realms though, and I can control a female theif with actual sneak attacks in battle which is cool. Repetitivegameplay is not cool)

I was supposed to spend a couple hours sitting at my Grandmother’s Garage sale, and so I headed out there Saturday morning with only a little box of toys to sell. All the little girls in her neighborhood sure seemed to like my powerpuff girl toys. Somehow, those couple hours stretched into all day, which was fine anyway, because I had nothing else planned. Tiring though. I took a little break to help my mom clean her house a bit for last minute company, and then went back to the garage sale to help pack up. I made 25 bucks! hee. I have tons more things to sell, but those will just have to wait until some other garage sale down the road.

Then I came home to my husband, and we went out to watch the Sky Captain movie. Which was fun, and stylish and a bit over blurry.

Sunday was nice too, we had brunch with my husband’s father in honor of my husband’s birthday. (last monday, the 20th) His dad surprised us with a cool birthday gift, his old oak dining room table and chairs! This table has sentimental value for my husband. He used to have it up in his bedroom, and remembers role playing on it with his friends when he was quite young. His dad even loaded up their vehicle and brought all the pieces over to our place. Yah! (Till now, we’ve been using a rather long folding table, which was quite functional, but not as stylish)

I headed downtown to spend my garage sale money and a bit more on 6!!! color copic markers, swung over to Electric Earth to hang with Ray for a bit. While I was there , we talked a bit of sci-fi, and in the middle of one of my sentences I couldn’t remember a word. I’m sitting there saying over and over…’Ambi… Ambitious? Ambidextrous? darnit, the word means vague, but it’s better than vague… Ambi, Ambi’ while Ray just watches me, slightly amused. Suddenly, the woman sitting behind me leans back in her chair and says, ‘Ambiguous’ which was really the word I was looking for. ha.

I went home, and inked the mermaid picture I was working on and then started markering it…

Someone PLEASE! give me some markering tips!!! I didn’t ruin the thing, but it also didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. (There’s also some more things I can do to it, I’m sure) I’ve searched the interweb and haven’t found many marker tutorials at all. I’m positive I’m going to love this medium once I get the hang of it.

I started markering my picture by laying down some shadows with a cool grey marker(the lightest one), and then started in with my limited color palette. I tried to keep my lightsource in mind, as well as using some highlighting colors and some shadowy colors. It might make more sense if I scan the thing and then ask for more tips, but I’m eager and hungry for tips and techniques, both for markering illustrations, but also for some fun things to try with my fancy pretty copics.
makes it look so easy!

I’m sure practice will help me feel less anxiety over markering without scanning the lineart first. Still, I’m quite happy that I planned the pic out enough so that all of the mermaid is actually on the page, it’s a bit of a shock to flip through my pencil and black and white sketchbook and stumble across rich markered colors!

p.s. Congratulations on your new baby! Evan Michael

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