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kickoff and election day


The kickoff went well, we had about 15 people show up, and I made sure to pick up more pens, notecards and pads of paper for everyone, pre-official swag. Happily, My new nano t-shirt came in the mail, so I was able to wear that also, which made me quite happy. There was a little issue about when we had the room reserved. A.M. vs P.M. but that figured itself out too, and we had plenty of people ready to pounce on the tables before I arrived. Yah! NaNo. I’ve got a couple pieces of software setup on my iBook, kotoko, CopyWrite and OpenOffice. So happy, someone ported that awesome Nanowrimo reportcard to OpenOffice, that helped me so much last year. So, after all the excitement, I got about 360 words in. No sweat though, I’ve done this before, I can do it again.


Voted today, had to register at the polls, because we’ve moved since the last ones. I didn’t get a sticker, but I got the whole thing over with. Seriously, all this stuff is making me stressy and sick. I wish I could sit back and think, hey, my vote can’t possibly be the lifechanging decider, but we live in a swing-state. So all I get is stressy, and oversaturated by all the stupid campaigns. grr.

But my part is done. I voted.

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