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Halo2 and Rampant Server


We did indeed go to the midnight release of Halo 2, and it sucked, we had
to stand in line for an hour, for a game we had already purchased in full
so the store could convince people to buy controllers, communicators,
books and strategy guides… bleh. Still, we got the game and set up our
clan, I had one and a half multiplayer games, in which I played horribly
and was cranky before I retired to sleep… 2:20am.

I thought I sent a pic from my phone last night from the line, I’ll try to
u/l it later. would have made more impact for you to see the timestamp on
that entry, but, oh well.

Halo 2 launch pic

Now, two red bulls into the day. (yes, it’s the
breakfast of champions.) Today is a big day for our agribiz, it’s sire
summary when all the stats are released for our animals. This is big
news. But it’s not going very smoothly.

They say that A.I’s go crazy after 7 years, I’m not certain one of my
webservers has every achieved such a thing, but it’s quite a frankenstien,
so anything’s possible. It’s also possible it’s had more than enough
abuse, as it has tanked hard, on the most important web day, just after I
loaded in some fresh data. (Standard Operating Procedure) So far it’s
taken the extranet and our sire pages down with it.

Awaiting news on it’s return.

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