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Yahoo, made the first quarter. I’m using to write my nanonovel this year, and openoffice to run the nano reportcard.

Copywrite is really cool Mac writing software, instead of just making one document, you make a project, which lets you link all sorts of documents together, in categories like; chapters, ideas, premise, places, ect. But all the documents can be linked together and exported if you have the paid version. You can also set the status on each document, like; new, rough, draft, final.

But the best part is… every document has a little notepad you can use, to meta-write, things you want to remember to add, things you are working out, it’s like writing in the margins. AND there is also a linked scratchpad for the whole project notes, so while the document notes are only available from each document, the project notes are accessible by all the documents!

And the best feature for nano is… i can set my goal(50,000 words) AND have it count the notes and the documents, so i don’t have to put all my theroretical notes in my main story document, but still have all my words count! Wow! cool! And I did do a lot of note-ing last night, about a thousand words on what if’s and what about’s and how people see each other. I discovered some very cool stuff that is totally going to help me fill in the blank spots in my nebulous outline.

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