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On writings and weekends

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Writing is going slow, we traveled for a family thanksgiving up north last weekend, and I took friday off writing and did art. (Which was lovely really, I’m almost done with ‘s commission, and excited about it’s direction), so for the last three days, friday-sunday I wrote about 2300 words. Thankgiving with my husband’s family was nice though, we got to catch up with his younger cousins, who schooled carlo, and I, and our friend ana, all at the same time in Halo2, after seeing the game for the first time. And the Packers won. yay. I actually wrote in the car on the way home.

Last night I pulled myself away from the Halo2 and after a very long time sitting and staring at my monitor, and much futzing around with iTunes,(there were 4 people sharing music at Company of Thieves), I actually got just over 1000 done, which is good because I wasn’t certain I’d get more than 60, and really really wanted to go home to more Halo2. But I stuck it out, and went through 2 italian/french soda’s ( look what you’ve done, I now have at least three of these a week, and more this month because of all the coffeeshop writing I’m doing)

I think I’ll feel better when I hit the 20k milestone, and then 50%. According to my Nano report card, I only need to do 2265 words a day to make it by the end of the month. Which isn’t really all that bad, and I’m fairly sure I can do some catch up this coming weekend. Pushing forward.

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