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Wow, last night just plain rocked.
I got to see my mom and dad for dinner, mom made this awesome eggplant parmesan and we watched Clean Sweep on tv, and then checked out her digital pictures from their vacation.

Then, I headed out to Muddy Waters and had a great nanowrimo writing night, not only did around 7 people show up to pound on their novels, I personally was motivated to write, and got almost 3000 words done! Also, had very good coffee and juice, and conversations with loverly writing people. OCR wrote 6000 words!

Realized I’ve known Eric and Jane now for a whole year, and also that I’ve known Heather for 3! It was interesting to be sitting in the same cafe, with the same people working on the same project, just at a later time.

Plus, happily my muse was concentrating, and I don’t feel like the words in chapter 6 last night were all that bad, so my infernal critic had to just be quiet and sit in the corner.

I was up too late though, I went home for a nap over lunch. Good day at work too, lots of things getting done.

Excited about tonight. Hope to get to 20k on the novel, and finish ‘s commission. And my husband is home! He’s been working away from here all week. 🙁

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