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First off!
Yes! I have finished the Nanowrimo challenge, late last night! Note new userpic! I’m sitting at around 50,352 words, with still a few hours left if I want to add some things in. I’ll post some more stats for you later, but it only took me 46.5 hours this year vs the ~64 hours it took me last year. I find that very interesting.

Yay! I have now, written the first rough draft of my second novel. It needs lots and lots of things, world building, character building, a completely reworked outline, but it exists, starts and ends, and things happen in the middle.

We’re having a Thank god it’s over party on Saturday, must get that all set, but it should be fun, too.

A Song For Evan is an Elfwood Mod’s Choice! That means it’s featured on the main page all day!
It also gets a special star and icon in my Elfwood Gallery forever! WOO! My first mod’s choice! I’ve been on elfwood for a long time, (and really never produced much that could even have a chance until now) but it’s so cool to finally have one, on a piece I’m proud of too.


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