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Snow and Sunlight, Hope and Sadness


The beginning of the week brought light snow and the possibility of a cure for my father. There was a slim chance that his lungs were populated not with cancer, but with a fungal infection. They started him on a fungicide last friday, while waiting for various tests to return from labs.

Initally, it seemed the medication was helping him, as his coughing eased and he seemed to be feeling better, but blood tests returning yesterday come back high for cancer. This is not good. Even though he will begin chemo tommorrow, I’m sure his chances are low. (edit:another call to mom says prognosis is between 8-20months, on the 20 side because he’ll be in a new treatment trial, but a scan after 8 weeks will helps us know better)

My mother and I talk, here and there, about the future. We both admit we know we will get through this, logically we know we will, even though we don’t wish to. It’s a hard realization.

Tonight was supposed to be the return of gaming with j. and now I’m not sure. gah, I’., sure mom could use me tonight.(edit, cancelling gaming again with j.(I think I’ve cancelled all week) and I feel bad, but family is much more important, I’m going over there after 6.)

(Also, my grandfather fell at work yesterday, 911 and everything. He tore his hamstring.)

:gnashes teeth.

I need a hug.

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