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Christmas was stressful, and emotional. For a lot of reasons, mostly about family time scheduling issues. Note to self: Ask for what you desire, and see if it’s possible, instead of just dealing. Guh.

I have never had a Christmas with any family drama, our holidays are generally peaceful. This one had plenty. Sadly, if I would have stepped up, I could have cut my part of the debacle off at the pass. Hindsight, sadly…

Enough of that. Drama aside, We did have many pleasant moments, and received many lovely things.(Including two new DeLint Books which I have already Devoured) It sucked that I had a hard case of the sniffles that made me feel like a zombie for most of the days prior to ‘Eve, and during the day of ‘Eve. (somehow things seemed better after some sudafed and two glasses of riesling.)

We still have Christmas/Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. (something that slipped in the scheduling at the last moment Christmas eve) Tiff, husband’s stepsister, is in town from Germany, and she missed Thanksgiving, so we’re getting Turkey and Trimmings, AND opening gifts on Sunday. I know that will be pleasant, and am looking forward to it.

I received my very own copy of Wicked Soundtrack from my husband’s aunt. I’ve been playing it non-stop all day. It is very cheering.

Tomorrow, I am taking my father up to the hospital for his chemo treatment. Perhaps I will glimpse the elusive, . ๐Ÿ˜‰
This comic is creepy and beautiful:

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