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The Dad Files: Good News!


Dad was in early for an xray today, and the results were great!!!

His last xray had all sorts of tumors in his lungs, including a constellation of little dots all over, too numerous to count.

Today, none of those little stars of cancer were visible!!! And the larger tumors seemed to have shrunk 17-27%!!! This is great news. Dad is on a special small scale treatment trial, and it seems to really be working. These kind of results are hardly ever seen, especially after only the first round.

The doctor cautioned that the people running the trial may want another xray in about 4 weeks, if they don’t believe the data, but as far as we can tell the treatments are working very well.

I’ve been so zombie today, and now I’m really happy, but also spinning emotionally.
We have a whole slew of people over for the weekend, they are currently over at the Chicago Auto Show. The house is mostly clean, and I’m looking forward to an evening of illustrationfriday, and maybe putting up some of my college anime posters in my art room.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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