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What have I been up to?


Lots to say, but I have to jot it down quick, otherwise it fades away.
Two weeks ago, hosted a party of about 15 people who had gone to the Chicago Auto Show on Friday. The usual raucous bunch drank and partied, and everything turned out ok. Though at one point I had to dissuade one of them that no, they could not take our 2 gallon of milk down to the basement to someone who had been bet they couldn’t drink it in an hour, Saturday night. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that ‘challenge’, but it always ends up with at least one person puking. Then we went to bed around 4, hoping the place would still be standing when we woke up. (and it was, and they cleaned the kitchen.)

The rest of the weekend was great though, we had bacon and eggs and cinnamon rolls and biscuits for breakfast, cooked up by pal Roofer. (Well I did the baking) And Saturday night, my mom brought by a turkey that she had cooked for us, with some stuffing. It was all carved up for us, and there was enough for all fifteen some people, and was a nice change of pace from the pizza call that usually goes out. Lots of Halo 2 and Halo 1 were played, as well as a bit of silly Eyetoy experimentation.

Last weekend,
Spent Saturday on publicity and history of Studio Antithesis, partially by checking my old journal entries. Everything blurs together, and we’re trying to get a better handle on when we did things. We also updated the Studio Calender with some birthdays and tenative Con dates. (Acen, Anime Iowa) Maciek colored the cute chibi’s that Allie made for us. Then he turned them into Buttons (pictures forthcoming)
We also printed and/or dated all reviews we have for S.A.T. and put them in a portfolio.

This week
Finally got my teeth cleaned (flash smile). I surprised dental technician, ‘Your teeth aren’t that bad at all’, likely due to the fact that I had actually followed my dentist’s suggestion from last month that I increase the flossing. (which also helped keep my gums from being overly sensitive while being clawed at during the cleaning)

I took yesterday off, partially due to the awkward time for the dentist appointment, but also due to the fact that Wednesday night I really felt weak and sick, and not fun. But somehow, after sleeping in, I was actually feeling really well. Especially well after the great dentist appointment which was far less pain and time than I thought it would be.

I didn’t even waste my time, I vacuumed all but two rooms in the house, windexed three mirrors, emptied two trashcans and did two loads of laundry.

I removed a bookshelf from the bedroom(to be used downstairs for dvd and games), and put together a little circle table to hold my lamp and alarm clock. All the junk on the bookshelf was then reappointed, to the guestroom bookshelves, or to the art room.

I hope my neighbors didn’t mind the 2 min vacuum job, really late at night, I did before putting the circle table in place. But I just couldn’t put things back in place without it, the dust had gotten thick in that corner.

I still ended up with time to defrost the chicken, and cook said chicken and make the cressant rolls and then later to make cinnamon rolls (leftover bag of premade from the party, but needing an hour to rise in the oven before baking), and to play a few hours of Harvest Moon on the Game Cube (my husband bought me a new memory card!).

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