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Shroud:Chapters 4-6 outlined!

Wow! I got a ton outlined last night, 4-6!!! in one night!

Happily the writing in this middle section of my novel written in 03 is not as bad as the writing in chapters 1-3. It’s pretty readable, not pretty, but at least most of the sentences make narrative sense.

Chapter five features many journal entries of the father of the protaganist, and some of the text is compelling. I’m not sure this book has space for these 31 entries, but knowing what happened in those past dark days will certainly aid me later.

Chapter 6 returns us to story, and has a lot more sense of where things are going. It’s incomplete, (which I noted when I wrote it, but I included some notes on where I wanted to go).

Those in the writing group know, this is the first time I’ve actually ever read through my novel. It’s really hard to pick up most nanowrimo novel and read them in their raw form. (There are of course better writers,(Eric), who can write fast and well, but I am not yet one of those).

After that first rush when all the words were pushed out, ready or not, I haven’t had the courage and determination to get back to them. (Mostly discouraged by chapter 3).

But I’ve pushed past my roadblock, and I should be able to finish my base outline soon. My chapters are divided with little ryhme or reason, but I don’t think I have more than 9.

After the outline, then I may notecard out some things, and see if I have all the parts required for a complete narrative.

Yay! Progress.

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