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Shroud: Notecarding up through Chapter 5


Wow. I notecarded like crazy last night. I’m mosly just taking the points from my outline and putting them down on the cards.

I’d say I got about halfway done with notecarding last night.
We even switched coffee shops, as the one we were at closed at 9. We headed over to Mother Fool’s and got some dark chocolate, and I put my headphones on and notecarded my way through chapter 3, 4, and the 30 notecards of chapter 5. (guess which chapter needs cutting down.

It kinda feels like a real story though, just reading through the outline again.

I ran out of notecards! I had to grab some ones that I’d been using for the last book I wrote. (they had only titles that I’d scratched out for the proper Shroud title/chapter on them)

I’m numbering each card in the bottom left corner, for each chapter. That’ll give me an idea later what order I originally had them in. If I move things around or add new ones into a chapter I think I’ll put a new number on one of the right corners somewhere. Hrm.

Feels like progress though. Moving slowly on.

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