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My birthday cake, all lit up.

My birthday cake, all lit up.

“Stop taking pictures,” they cried,”Blow out the candles!”

Would just like to point out that this is the cake my Grandma got me, not because she thinks I’m 4, but because she thought I’d like it.

Even if she had to tell the bakery that I was young young,when they asked, so she didn’t seem really strange buying a Yu-Gi-Oh cake for her 27 year old granddaughter.

My mother has similar stories, when she’s out buying fairy or elf themed jewelry.

I told them this year was easy, and to think of how much harder it’ll be to hide my age when I’m 50! What can I say, I’ll always be young at heart.

Had a good birthday week, I had 3 different cakes(one of them ice cream)! And lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts. My husband seemed especially dedicated to making sure I had a great time.

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