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Interview, fishing, and AI


Wow, yesterday was a full full day. I got over to my Mom’s at 7, so she could help me get all professional like, she had hemmed my pants for me so it was easiest to leave them with her.

The off to my interview, which I think went pretty well.

After that I called up Pete and we went to Delitalia for some great italian subs and porta salads.

Then I picked up my mom and we went to get fishing licenses. yes… fishing. hehe.
After a stop at fazoli’s for some lemonade and breadsticks I came home for about 20 min before another interview with a recruiter…

at least I thought it was an interview before I went. Turns out JL Kirk and Associates is some kind of job coaching service… It was a sales pitch. sigh. As much as I want to believe the guy, he just wouldn’t tell me how much the service cost, opting instead to get me and my husband back next week, apparently for more sales pitch. 🙁 Has anyone heard of these places, do they work? are they worth it?

After all that, I took a nap!

ha, wow, long day.


Anyway, going fishing this morning with my Mom and Grandpa near lodi, I’ve never been fishing, should be fun!

Also, somehow today, getting packed for Anime Iowa, going to have a great time!
more later, if i have time before matt picks me up tonight.

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