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Quiet Elf


Quiet Elf

I bought a cheap set of tube watercolors and some brushes yesterday on my way back from paying rent. I cut a piece of water color paper in 4 and painted 3 of the quarters. These are my first experiements in watercolor.For the third one, I was a bit more brave, and quickly sketched a portrait of a quiet elf. Then I started with some pale blue shadows, and worked several layers into the hair. Mixing the color for the skin was the hardest, but I learned that even something too dark can be moderated with some water, or lifted with a bit of paper towel. She seems to be contemplating something.

I learned.
*It’s hard to get enough water into my plastic pallette
*I have a lot to learn about color mixing.
*Some of my marker skills do transfer
*I don’t have fear of watercolors
*Masking tape works just fine for taping things down.
*Watercolor goes pretty quick on these small pieces, and I can see myself doing lots of small ones for fun.
*Chinese white smells different than the rest of the tubes.

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