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After my interview last week, I was spirited off to Ohio by my mom. It was a whirlwind of family, and back again. I saw almost all my cousins(and their kids!), and my mom got to go her class reunion. I drove part of the 8 hours back, and I must say… I have officially driven stick for too long. You know this when you try to clutch on an automatic vehicle your mom has just bought. eee! Almost had to tie my left leg to the seat, to keep from clutching the brake.

Monday, one cousin I didn’t see in Ohio was actually in Madison, so we did dinner over at Mom’s and then went out to The Great Dane, it was great to see her, even though I was still travel-tired from the long weekend.

Thursday!!! I had an interview for a job that really suits me. I feel I did the best I could, and really am crossing my fingers and holding my breath for it.

Thursday was also Kim‘s birthday, and there were margaritas, quesadilla’s and chocolate torte truffel birthday cake to be had, and we snuck some Heroes fan moments in there too.

whew. things fly by so fast, I want to remember, so I jot them down.

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