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Day 2.5


Whew, the first 2.5 days at the new gig were great. The people are really nice and cool, the work is completely full of things I can do, yay for css, xhtml, php. There is a preference for both php and web standards if possible.

I’m working on a pc with a nice big monitor. It’s totally ok for me to bring in my ibook and listen to music/podcasts while I work.

Still trying to figure if the beltline or 113-M is a better way for me to go.

Using my skills and brain for the web stuff is good, if a bit tiring. The last month and a half was just internet researching, which required critical thinking, of course, but not a whole lot of mental problem solving.

I hope this gig has lots of ongoing work for me. It’s nice.

Add the drive home placing me at home around 6 or so, and you get a relatively quiet introspective dreamling who eats her dinner and goes off to read and then sleep.

Mom should fly home from Cancun today. It’s been so strange not to be able to talk with her all week about the gig, and Christmas and everything. We’re a close family, so we end up phoning or at least texting throughout the week. She did manage to call my bro for a couple min this week so we’d know she got there, and that the torrential raining had made it almost impossible for her to get scuba certified- the main reason for going.

I actually had a dream the other night that was kinda like a roadtrip mystery, ending with me accosting some blond lady just before I woke up, asking her ‘Where is my mother’. awww. poor subconscious. hehe

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