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So, I’m still consulting, happily for another marketing company. Getting close to 10 hours for today. Brain is a bit hurty I’ve been bending CSS and WordPress to my will, but can’t get my actionscript to behave. 😛 At least I’ve had lovely Dr. Who audiodrama to keep me company.

Overall, I find I’m happiest when I have web work to do, and it is nice to have some pressing deadlines. Husband is depressed I don’t have a full time jobby job. I don’t mind contract work as long as it is steady, but the buyout restrictions seem to have already cost me a potential position. Best I can hope is that someone will be happy enough with my quick and quality work and hire me on full time, no matter the restrictions.

Even though it’s not quite classified as desperate times…

We’re moving in with my father-in-law. Partly due to my on and off work schedule, but mainly due to our desire to own a house this year at some point. So… we’ll throw most of our secondhand couches and furniture and pack up everything but my art desk, and our work clothes. Carlo has already purchased some storage that basically everything else will go into. I can’t really say much about the decision, it’s my fault we’re making this choice, so I really can’t put up much resistance. It is, however, the best way to save money for a downpayment for a home of some sort.

This kind of change is hard to take though.

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