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Father's Day, Dr. Sketchy's


Last weekend I…
*went to see a movie with my mom.
*Attempted not to think about my Dad, though it's been officially 2 years since he died.
*Went to Dr. Sketchy's Anti-art school with pete.
*Got to draw mermaids and pirates and
*learned that the drink 'salty dog' is a rum drink I do not fancy! (However, lovers of grapefruits may condone it)
*Slammed a Tom Collins(mmm piney),
*sang Good ship Lollipop up on stage with Olive Talique…
* and received a naughty chocolate confectionery for my trouble…
*and oh yea… did a lot of figure drawing, and they played a lot of Captain Bogg and Salty music! (but not Scurvy! why!)
*also, ended up at the cemetery briefly… late Sunday night… in the dark… with my mom and husband, last minute…

We’re still picking out a gravestone, so it was a bit of hit and miss on location. Driving there sent my mind awash with the overwhelming sensations of the same week 2 years ago. I’m still dealing with grief, my solution seems to be… fill up my life with friends and activities and life, to dull the ache of losing someone so close.

I do miss him everyday, but it is a bit easier now to talk about him, and the whole ordeal. of course, trying to write a little about it does roll those big fat tears down my face, those same kittens of grief that well up big and fluffy from somewhere much deeper than merely thought, perhaps from the raw corners of the soul.

so, this entry went a bit more serious than most of them lately. Work is very good, We recently got a Mini Cooper S, which has been a blast, and we’re carpooling, which is an interesting feat.
Twilight Mini 8

Heat has made comicking a bit slower… kinda stalled on page 23, but only had the gumption to relax tonight, watching my netflix in bed. I miss you, some of you I've been meaning to call.

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