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Brand new comics from Studio Anti Thesis

Brand new comics from Studio Anti Thesis

Last night I helped assemble his first issue of Deverish Also. Afterwards we headed over to and 's place to finalize what we're bringing to Anime Detour.

I got a chance to see the new issue of Build Your Own Boyfriend, which also looks very snazzy. These two comics each are part of a limited run, afterward they are sold we’ll be getting new copies from Comixpress, with a page of their advertising to defray cost.

New issues of Tabloid Roulette/Merylion Factor and issue 2 of Of Two minds will also be debuting at Anime Detour. Yay!

This means we have 10 books currently for sale! How crazy is that!

After we get back from this con, we’ll be sure to put all our books into our online store at Studio Anti , so if you don't make the conventions we do this year you can still get awesome independent comics from us.

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