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I finished Dragon Age last night, so now my life and move forward with all sorts of things, that game is pure crack.

I’m prepping for ACEN, laundrying, getting ready to clean the catbox and catfountain. Then I need to clean out my car so I can drive it in tomorrow and let it be fixed over the weekend while I’m gone.

Oh, and I already did the dishes, which feels great, actually.

I’ve been seeing a Career Life Coach. I really want to figure out where and what I should be doing.

I took a personality test, and passed. šŸ˜‰ Apparently I’m a ENTP or ENFP, so now we go on to find out what kind of job I’d fit into.

so yea. smallish update for you.

This weekend, ACEN, and then I need to get chapter 2 rolling for Tribute Waters, and get some art done for WisCon!

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