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The Waltz Minutia:

  • 12:07 remembers what you did to Marni.
  • 12:07 @inkermark oh, hey, noodles tonight?
  • 12:10 @inkermark i don’t think so, depends on how much i get done this afternoon. Have you seen my first issue, btw?
  • 12:19 @inkermark Its in print! 😀
  • 12:25 is switching from repo! on repeat to @rhiansheehan ‘s Standing in Silence. NOW I MEAN BUSINESS!
  • 13:05 @savagesparrow I’m in a wanna draw mood too, but… have other project atm. deadliiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeessss
  • 13:12 @dirktiede btw, my dinner time interview with you is on youtube
  • 13:
    @dirktiede it was all fun and impromptu, I feel like I should do that more often to the creator friends I have.
  • 14:43 thinks hyphens are ugly and parentheses are evil.
  • 14:53 @inkermark btw, dinner is 6:30 tonight, K&M are joining us, and their sitter needs to be arrive later I guess.
  • 14:56 @inkermark we can share con stories, we’re kinda doing an ACEN debriefing. the gang will then go and art, and I’ll go work on my project

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