Dreaming the Impossible Dream since 1997


The Waltz Minutia:

  • 01:40 @DamselODistress glad you like the photo, check out the video of Jareth juggling
  • 02:15 @DamselODistress hehe, you guys are so much fun! also, omg my brain won’tlet repo go. i watched it with both commentaries yesterday
  • 05:04 says woo, it feels kinda funny when your body literally shuts you down for a sleep cycle. guess it’s time for another nap.
  • 13:36 @Lea_Hernandez you should play loud recording of maniacal laughter everytime it happens after midnight.
  • 21:40 @jrmoreau i thought you said hot wigs at first. (pictures you in a wig)
  • 22:26 didn’t know she loved you so much,
    but she does.

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