Dreaming the Impossible Dream since 1997



Who Am I?
My name is Stacie. I am a web developer, and an artist. I’m always on the lookout for magic in everyday things, and sometimes, I find it!

Completed work on an shojo style online/zine called Tabloid Roulette with my dear friend Kim.
You can find more of my art @, or

While I’m more focused on the visual arts right now, I participated in Nanowrimo for 4 years.

I completed my first nanonovel in 2003, titled, Shroud.
I completed my second nanonovel in 2004, titled, Tribute Waters.

Here is my Amazon Wishlist I loff random gifts. πŸ˜‰ No, I don’t mind used items, surprise me!

What is Quixotica
Primarily it’s a place to collect my thoughts. I’ve had the url for a very long time.

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